Facebook is Fun

There’s nothing like listening to a panel of savvy social media users share advice with a great group of non-profit thinkers to motivate you to write on your much-neglected blog.

Thanks to Jan Wilberg of Wilberg Community Planning for moderating the discussion at the Milwaukee Planners and Grantwriters Roundtable with Matt Brown of MKE 123, Mari Maldonado from Volunteer Missionary Movement, Jim Raffel of Color Metrix, Alysha Schertz from Milwaukee Biz Times and Carol Voss of Independence First.

The takeaway from today’s talk is that the ideal social media presence is one that creates an engaging personality and voice for an organization and makes quality connections via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At a minimum, have at least one person charged with communicating your group’s message and just, “Don’t be THAT person.”

As a visual communicator, I prefer Facebook, and I’d phrase it like this, “Be THIS person”:

1. Post pictures! People love pictures. People love to be tagged in pictures.

2. Make your profile picture colorful and attention-grabbing. It doesn’t have to be your logo.

3. Link, link, link to other pages and share their posts.

Facebook is fun – really. And it’s a great business tool. You can find Tessera Design there at: https://www.facebook.com/TesseraDesign

Tyra Baumler
Owner, Tessera Design

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  1. Cecelia
    Around 6 years ago

    So, question: who IS “THAT” person?

  2. tyra
    Around 6 years ago

    Good question, Cecelia. THAT person is the kind of person who posts gratuitous, boring or inappropriate comments that you immediately dismiss.

    I think the panel was saying to be the same kind of voice for your organization that you enjoy on other organization’s and people’s pages.

    And in my book – keep it visually interesting.

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