How We Work

We view our design from a problem-solving and communications approach. Tessera Design wants to pinpoint your message and convey it visually—as effectively as possible—in an audience-appropriate format.

You won’t ever get one cookie-cutter look, since each project has its own initiative and audience. However, we understand it is important to maintain the consistency of your materials overall and the integrity of your brand.

We also realize that in addition to providing you with individualized design, we are working in real time with your very real budgets. So we do our best to accommodate your schedule and work within an agreed upon estimate, while keeping you informed and everyone’s expectations realistic.

Of course this all begins with an initial meeting and consultation – either in person or on the phone – so that we can begin to understand who YOU are, who YOU work with, what YOU do and how YOU work.

Please e-mail Tyra Baumler at or call 414-339-8972 for more information.