What We Do

If it can be published or printed – Tessera Design can produce it:
•  Brochures
•  Marketing Materials
•  Logos and Stationery
•  Billboards and Signage
•  Direct Mail and Postcards
•  Catalogs
•  Print and Digital Advertising

Our organizational experience is extensive and includes:
•  Annual Reports
•  Capital Campaigns
•  Endowment Programs
•  Fundraising Campaigns
•  Adult Fitness and Wellness Promotions
•  Membership
•  And much more

As far as production of your project, we can:
•  Provide you with the files to supply your own vendor
•  Work with your local vendor directly
•  Produce printed materials locally and have them shipped or delivered

Tessera Design wants to ensure that your project is designed, managed and completed to your satisfaction every time.